Week 24: Shooting Stars

As I face the final week of this 26-week wakeup call, Subby quickly reminds me of any one of a number of life-changing moments I’ve gained these last six months.
The 4 days of silence was wonderful; pondering our life, being much more aware of our thoughts, and listening to our inner guidance.
In the 80’s and 90’s, I went through a number of healing energy treatments, and personal development experiences. In particular, one named New Life Seminars improved my life in so many eye-opening ways.
Yet until this Master Key course, I didn’t realize that two of the greatest “secrets” to life have been right in front of my face. Learning how to manage my conscious/subconscious mind has dramatically improved my life; and “Love” does indeed seem to be the answer for all four of our greatest questions:
  1. What is our source of spirit?
  2. What is the reason for our existence?
  3. What makes living worth living?
  4. What is worth dying for?
Learning how to love ourselves and build our dreams and goals through our thoughts has been the most incredible, life-improving journey I’ve ever been on.
It was quite challenging at times, but the results were well worth the effort.
Mark and Davene have done a great job of bringing all this exceptional information into one course. They have created an assembly-line for Shooting Stars, who shine their love brightly on all who wish upon a star.
So what’s your dream?

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Week 23: All the Secrets

ALL the secrets in communications
take place in the time between words
– whether thought, written, or spoken.
I propose that during the very short period of time between our words, our mind determines – in consideration of the meaning of the sentence:
  1. What is the best next word;
  2. How much pause is needed after the last word and before the next one;
  3. What tone of voice should the next word be in;
  4. What volume should the next word be in, and should it be constant for the whole word;
  5. And if we want to stomp our feet or motion with our hands, Subby takes care of our physical actions too.
So all of the above is taking place between EACH of our words.
The massive amount of thinking that must go on just to create a sentence shows us the miracles in our life.
If you think this isn’t the way it works, then either, 1) each entire sentence must be thought out as above, and compiled before the first word comes out… in the space between sentences… oh, my… another space of power; or 2) something else is manipulating everything we say and do, and we’re just avatars… or puppets.. like Lamb Chop (for those of you who enjoyed the Sheri Lewis show way back ).
In college, I remember thinking consciously for hours about what I was writing for class. Now it seems almost effortless, as I just let my fingers race over the keyboard. My Subby must be running most of my communications.
My 4 days of quiet start tomorrow – Tuesday. As a workaholic for most of my life, I am excited about giving myself this gift, and experiencing the benefits. I deeply appreciate all these Master Key blessings.
My wife is joining me on this quiet journey. Going grocery shopping today to prepare for hibernation.
Thank you for reading my blog.

Week 22a: The “C” Words

Wk 22a - Cell Phone thermal heating
On occasion I am disturbed when I see someone with a cell phone up to their head, or about to unknowingly swallow poison which has been proven to severely damage the brain and body (most importantly the hypothalamus, an extremely important part of the brain). I feel deeply compassionate that this person either doesn’t know the danger, or at some conscious or subconscious level may not care to live anymore.
“One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is to link the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland.” Read more at Wikipedia…
Wk 22a - Cell Phone strapped to mans head-Cropped
At the beginning of the week, I found out that one of my close friends in Texas (“Tom” for this article) was just diagnosed with brain cancer. The cancer is quite large, and located around Tom’s ear. There’s no immediate alternative options for him at this point – only considerable conventional brain surgery.
My wife and I have mentioned to him the dangers of holding the cell phone next to his head, and sent him articles. Tom doesn’t like ear plugs, or bulk of the headset, although Tom is on the phone quite a bit every day.
His situation is my WAKE UP call about the preciousness of life. (I certainly know, but things like this are a strong reminder.) It was also a sore spot for me; I’m 65, and watching family and friends dye of this inexcusable, greed-oriented illness. In America, too many people still believe they have no choice but to get conventional surgery and chemotherapy – an option most would avoid like the plague if they knew the facts.
After learning more shocking news about his condition from a mutual friend, Wednesday I went down and had my car oil changed. At Acura, there were two ladies in their 50s & 60s in the waiting area. I got some coffee and saw the Splenda, Equal and Sweet n’ Low packets and it disturbed me that an excellent dealership which invests a huge sum of money to ensure customers are satisfied and treated well, puts highly toxic ingredients out for their “cared for” customers.
Wk 22a - Artificial Sweeteners
I asked the ladies if they were aware of the toxicity of these. One was very disturbed that her daughter drank so many diet sodas and wouldn’t listen to her warnings, and the other had no clue about these artificial sweeteners. So I explained what these toxic products do to the body, and by that point I had broken my Master Key 7 Day Mental Diet again.
Then I went to the office and voiced my “opinion” that they are offering poisonous sweeteners which severely damage the body – especially the brain’s ability to function properly.
The clerk responded with, “We are required by the company to provide 4 options (sugar was the 4th).” To which I responded something like, “Please let your management and owner know that your health-conscious customers will know you are providing these toxic sweeteners rather than natural, organic choices like Xylitol, Sugar-in-the-Raw, Stevia liquid, Stevia power, or raw honey.”
(I wasn’t about to add the fact that the coffee was made with the Keurig machine, which puts hot water pressure through blah non-organic coffee AND cheap plastic. Under a condition of desperation for coffee, the non-organic coffee issue is debatable, but boiling water over cheap plastic… not acceptable as a healthy option in our book.)
As I briefly mentioned the toxin issues, you could have heard a pin drop. I let them see my disappointment that the company chooses to contribute to the sickness of their “valued customers” with these condiments. I then used the Law of Substitution to switch to appreciation for the nice staff I always meet there, and how much I like the people in Tennessee.
How many people does it take to convince a business or an individual of the damage that’s being done to their mind and body. I’m thinking since everyone is different, we don’t know how many people it will take to hit the person with the facts – before they realize it’s the truth and accept them, so I’ll just keep doing my part and plant or water the little seeds of “WAKE UP CALL!!” On occasion I get the awesome pleasure of being the one who watches the person actually accept the seed of information as valuable, and I can feel my information being accepted… cool… cha ching…
In consideration of my friend’s cancer, I’m sure my feelings were heightened with awareness of how common it is for totally unnecessary ingredients or characteristics in products to severely damage the body, yet they continue to be produced. The “C” word is something people usually feel helpless with, yet the reality is that way too many people still look to conventional doctors who are heavily trained by the drug companies to dole out medicine like band-aids – covering up the symptoms rather than healing the body.
And then the next day, Thursday, I had new tires put on at Discount Tire. I sat next to a lady who within a few minutes, was telling me that for some reason she is unaware of, she has a hard time getting things accomplished, and has a low opinion of herself. (I’ve found that being loving to strangers often brings out an incredible heart-felt honesty from them.)
I told her briefly about the 7 Days to a New You exercise, the 7 Laws of the Mind, pointed out a few of the laws, and later emailed those documents to her.
You could say those were acts of kindness, but I believe they are simply the way we all can most enjoy our lives.
Thanks for viewing my blog.
Oh… For those of you who may be wondering which tires I chose; after comparing tires closely, the PZero Nero AS stood out as being the best, for $142). I replaced Michelin MX Pilots which were $262, and in my opinion, one of the worst tires I’ve ever had (they came with the car).

Week 22: Box in the Jack

Are you living in a box,
or is the box living in you?
We each have an ability to create our life as we choose, but most of us don’t. The Sleeping Giant majority of us have long ago been herded, corralled, trained, and plugged into all types of systems which do not serve us. Instead, those very corrals, or “boxes” steal our health, our efforts, our minds, and our dreams.
Are we living our lives in boxes filled with our lifestyle choices and belief systems?
This writer thinks most people live self-limiting lives, and miss out on the greatest joys in life – following one’s true heart and passions.
But to follow our true heart and passions, we must look WITHIN – not without.
So many so-called “experts” are telling us to “step outside the box,” yet we have been reminded of the truth in this Master Key course – that we just needed to step deeper INTO our box… ourselves.
So the source of all Jack’s power and truth, lies in the power box he carries within… his connection of light to the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Creator.
MY PERSONAL SACRIFICE: Under the Law of Relaxation, I humbly offer myself in servitude, and promise to do my best to combine the Law of Practice with such relaxation… which is what brought forth this blog… LOL…
Come to think of it…
I think I’ll think my way into a round of golf tomorrow.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I KNOW I can.

[Okay, you caught me. I was just dreaming.]

Week 21: 1 Day or 5 Years?

I started this week writing a different post.
Then I found out one of our dearest friends has a rare cancer. For his privacy, I’ll call him Bob. If Bob goes through the typical operation and chemo that the doctors are pushing on him, the doctors tell him there’s a 70% chance he’ll make it 5 years with the surgery, but of course… a lot less without it.
Bob is in his early 30s, and in pretty good shape. But unfortunately, he has eaten horribly for many years. Lots of toxic and processed food with little concern of what it’s doing to his body. (Sound familiar?)
As my wife and I discussed the situation with our treasured friend, we knew it would be a challenge to get him to give up so many foods and drinks he enjoys. However, we thank God he is open to researching and doing anything alternative as his first and best options.
I’m not comfortable with some of this month’s Og Mandino reading, focused on Scroll V, “I will live each day as if it is my last.” I’ve read this “last day” concept in multiple places over the years, and always had some difficulty with the idea of living my life as if it was my last day. If it was my last day, I would just stop working on any of my life-purpose projects, and enjoy every moment with my wonderful wife, family and closest friends.
When I considered that my friend has been given about 5 years to live, I realized I had never scheduled my projects out. My jobs were constant productivity; and I had no scheduling because I was constantly juggling multiple projects at a time. I just worked as fast and as good as I could.
I felt that for myself, the “live each day as if it is my last” is too short of a time, but if I had 5 years to live, I would focus my energy on things quite differently than I have been.
1 Day or 5 Years?
I’ve come to believe that for me – 1 day is not enough time, and 5 years is plenty of time if I slip in some personal growth stuff and fun for my wife and I.
It seems to me that a good scheduling idea for a DMP or life purpose project(s), is to determine how long it will take to do the project(s), then add in your estimate how much time is needed for personal appreciation of self, family and life. As Mark J. mentioned in this MasterKey course, it is critically important to schedule time off for our relationship each week.
On a personal note; we’re so thankful for the life-changing things that are happening in my life with this MasterKey course, and it’s wonderful to be able to share it with people in need… like Bob.
Thoughts create our reality.
What do you want YOUR world to look like?

Week 20: What Am I Here For?

Ever walk into a room,
then ask yourself,
What am I here for?
As I read the abstract and a little more from the writer’s listed sources, my thoughts connected to the title, “Location Updating Effect and Imagination.”
The abstract begins with, “Researchers have documented an intriguing phenomenon whereby simply walking through a doorway causes forgetting (the location updating effect). The abstract went on to discuss how they compared ACTUAL walking through the door, to VIRTUAL/VISUAL walking through the door, and the results were surprisingly similar.
I’ll bet most of that time researching and writing could have been saved had they taken the MasterKey course, or at least fully understood the Law of Substitution (“We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. When a negative thought enters your mind ~ think about God, or a fond memory, or another pleasant thought.”).
Now let’s remember the main issue of this blog,
which asks the question, “Where Am I?
Regarding the “forgetting” issue:
Consider this – When we pass through a doorway, we are changing from one environment to one entirely different – even if it’s just going from our kitchen to our living area. Our senses all shift when we enter the new room, and perhaps we scramble a bit on some level with getting our bearings.
This is where it gets interesting. If the person is heading into the next room with a thought in their head of what they are going there for, perhaps the slight mental “scramble” when entering a new room, got left with the old room you came from.
Just thinkin’…

Week 19: Hum Humpty Dumpty Dum

As our shell of concrete crumbles,
we continue to absorb what we can…
on our first pass through this course.
Love of self and life are indeed the path to our own golden Buddha within.
Oh, my. Another week flew by.
I’m sure many of us have wondered how the other MasterKey students are doing, and how we compare.
It’s nice that Mark & Davene are aware of what so many of us are going through.
This course is indeed a joy ride… a ride of deep joy, indeed.
Clearance of some of the baggage I’ve been carrying for many years, opened up a channel of inner-guided work, and I’ve been on a work roll for several weeks.
It’s enjoyable to see the personal growth that’s taking place in this course with so many others too.

(I picked the “Hum Humpty Dumpty Dump” blog title because it rhymes, and we ARE dumping concrete. Besides, I started it off with a meditation “Hum.” 🙂
Love to all.

Week 18: Selling My Uniqueness

Interesting how we try to emulate other people’s sales techniques.
We’ll spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on training, and read lots of sales books, yet we may learn something that only works for certain others – not necessarily for us.
We can become great ourselves, if we practice what we learn… over and over and over in ways that fit who we are.
Oh, my, “…in ways that fit who we are.” That’s the key…
Our uniqueness.
“…many have attained great wealth and success with only one sales talk, delivered with excellence. Also will I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.”
~Og Mandino, SCROLL IV in “The Greatest Salesman in the World”
We all have our own way of networking with others, our own way of thinking, our repertoire of wisdom we’ve learned through life up to this point.
In looking back on my life, I’ve realized I have never presented my uniqueness when looking for a job, or when doing anything else for that matter.
And what’s particularly interesting, is that for most of my life, I’ve lived outside the box in the way I think and write about unique, and highly interesting business projects.
I worked on myself for years on the sugar, but never thought of marketing my uniqueness.
For the last week I’ve been visualizing and writing on things like speaking to large and small groups about my life-purpose dreams and goals, and it feels great. This uniqueness that I am.
Things are indeed coming together beautifully.
Thank you for reading my blog.

Week 17a: Blogs and Articles

These last several weeks, I’ve had a little challenge getting these weekly blogs out. Not that I can’t think of what to write, but rather quite the opposite. This course is indeed life-changing.
As a life-time technical writer, it’s clearly not that I don’t like writing. (Until this course, I had never officially “blogged.”) The challenge is that I begin a blog, which turns into an article, or another document for our training course. I’m not ready to begin posting blogs for our business yet. I’ve been saving them up over the years. (Besides, I have tons of stuff to blog about from our own training materials.)
So I often need to write another blog to replace the one that became a future article. LOL…
Last Monday I started this week’s blog and named it, Respect My Space, then started another – Diamonds of Life, then I Am Too Busy, each of which will be a future article/blog for our business. It’s 4:34am on Saturday. I need to get this posted by 5am.
What’s amazing, yet common for those of us who are at least somewhat “awakened” to the realities of life (the energy, rather than the physical), is how beautifully life flows when we understand how it works.
Thanks again for all you do, Mark & Davene.

Week 17: The Point Game

Recently the MasterKey group has been focused on the importance of kindness. Its importance in our life cannot be overstated.
I can think of another such powerful word – Appreciation.
The more we appreciate our blessings, the people around us, and this beautiful spiritual support system we have, the more incredible our life becomes.
Let’s play a little game which is known for improving relationships very quickly. We present this to Trainees in our training program.
The Point Game
Select someone to play this game with.
DISCLAIMER: Please think carefully before playing this game with someone you don’t want to have a closer relationship with.
Purpose of the game:
Strengthening relationships through kindness and appreciation.
Cool. How does it work?
Simple. This game is played between two or more consenting adults and/or children.
Keeping Score:
Start fresh daily, or for a set number of days.
When you do something kind for someone else in the game, you get 1 Point.
When someone does something kind for you, they get 1 Point.
The giver MUST be sincere in their act of kindness, and give unconditionally – without expectation. If not sincere, no point is earned.
Sex should not be the desired outcome of any giving. (In other words, no groping or trying to manipulate the other person to do something they aren’t in complete agreement for doing.)
Make up whatever additional rules you BOTH agree upon.
Game Objective:
At the end of the day, the person with the most points gets to ask the other person to do something (non sexual). If kids are involved, the reward for highest points could be the family gets to make cookies, or go somewhere.
After several days, the game will fade into the background, and your relationship(s) will grow by leaps and bounds.
Okay. You’re ready to play, right?
To ensure clarity, here are a few examples in a husband/wife/kids situation. Don’t bother keeping track of the points, you’ll get the general idea of this:
  • The Husband makes coffee and pours a cup for wife when she comes into the kitchen – he gets 1 point.
  • The Wife thanks him with a loving hug – she gets 1 point.
  • The Wife cooks breakfast – 1 point.
  • Husband gives her a loving hug while she is cooking, smells the air and says something like, “Smells great, sweetheart.” – 1 point
  • Kids bring food to table – 1 point each.
  • Kids clear dishes from table and clean it – 1 point each.
  • Husband and wife clean & dry dishes together – Each gets 1 point.
  • Both kids put dishes away – Each gets 1 point.
  • So far, the “game” is even.
  • Later in the day, the husband comes home from work with new car for wife – 1 point. (“WHAT?” You say.)
  • BECAUSE – While the husband was working, the wife took care of home, shopping, kids, neighborhood stuff, cleaned house and laundry, perhaps some work on taxes, did some home-based business work, and every day prepared food for the family… ALL… for 1 point.
SO, the idea is to keep the points fairly even. Sometimes the compliments, comments of appreciation, etc. can reach the exaggerated stage where everyone starts laughing.
Expect miracles in your relationship when playing this game.
You’re going to LOVE this.