Noel B. Robinson
Noel’s background includes 30+ years in management information systems and technical writing. He always looks for better ways to do things, and enjoys sharing what he learns with others.
Noel’s personal passion is in helping others. He believes his life purpose is to create and present methods that others can use to improve their lives. This passion led him through a wide range of business and personal-growth experiences, alternative healthcare practices, and life-changing adventures including starting and owning a number of businesses.
His most treasured experience was over three years as Founder and President of New Life Seminars, Inc. in South Florida – a 501(c)3 non-profit, personal-growth seminar group run by a board of 12 and a team of 25 volunteers which gave monthly, 4-day (34-hours), life-changing seminars through a pay-it-forward system. Noel and Kathleen have integrated many of these motivational and self-help techniques into the Phoenix Success Training course – to help people live more meaningful, less stressful lives.
Noel’s formal education spans over eight years at five universities including majors in his areas of interest – Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Information Systems, Architecture and Engineering. In addition he has had extensive training in business software support, commercial real estate investment and development, and held a position with Dale Carnegie as a Graduate Assistant in their Public Speaking classes.
His work experience focused primarily on increasing business productivity using computer hardware and software – creating technical-writing materials for training, marketing, presentations and financial analyses, and improving management information systems.
Companies Noel has worked with include:
  • IBM – Began in software production, then later was a software tester;
  • Core International – Account Executive; managed computer equipment accounts for major corporations;
  • Advance Technology – Operations Director in computer brokerage firm; created marketing materials and data collection processes along with an in-house buyer/seller matching system;
  • MicroAge – Software Support/Training Manager; provided software support for business clients, and created dozens of step-by-step training templates for software programs supporting 13 salespeople in three store locations;
  • Globe Communications – Computer Network Administrator; provided all training and hardware/software support covering 50 computer systems on two networks for senior executives and their staff managing the publication and distribution of 30+ international magazines;
  • United American Healthcare – Consultant; hired by President to study corporate systems (sales/marketing/accounting/computers/HR) and create a company operating manual for a startup HMO – to be used to establish satellite offices;
  • MIG Realty Advisors – Acquisitions and Portfolio Analyst at a national commercial real estate investment advisory firm; reviewed prospectus packages and legal documents; built custom data-collection forms and analysis spreadsheets for acquisitions, asset management and dispositions of shopping centers, office buildings, apartment complexes and warehouse developments;
  • Altman Development – Computer Network Administrator / Development Associate for a national class “A” apartment developer; managed a 25-system computer network including staff training and support; established project research and due diligence processes; created financial analyses spreadsheets and data-collection formats, and compiled project packages from initial investment prospectuses to final “for sale” properties;
  • Prime Products – Promoted from Consultant to VP in a plastics manufacturing business after acquiring operating capital for expansion; designed a multi-room inventory management system, upgraded the accounting system, and ran the company for seven months while the owner/president recuperated at home from a serious car accident;
  • Aftermarket – Sales/Marketing Associate; developed product marketing scripts which resulted in company sales record and regular top 1% productivity in national telemarketing firm;
  • University of Phoenix Online – Admissions Counselor; created 42 templates, guides, forms and scripting systems for supporting counselors and students including a "Walk To Class" which, in a step-by-step process, shows students how to make A’s in online classes while improving their networking, leadership and project management skills; and
  • CFI/Con-Way – Team OTR Driver in U.S. and Canada with wife, Kathleen. During their two years of driving for CFI, the Robinsons broke the company’s 10-year-old record for miles driven by a team in one month. (As of 2016, their record still stands – at 1,104 miles/day for 31 consecutive days.)