Press Release

An Interview With Noel & Kathleen Robinson –
Founders Of A Global Paradigm
Interviewed: Tuesday, June 29, 2021
By Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson


Preface by Noel Robinson:
I wasn’t surprised that both Robert Redford AND Woody Harrelson agreed to visit Kathleen and I for a private weekend interview. We had worked with both of them on projects, and been to their homes, so they were looking forward to enjoying some quality time with us at OUR home in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Our friend Deb Schnitzer flew with us to California to pick up Redford and Harrelson at Redford’s private airstrip. They were sitting at the hanger, having fun together as we rolled up in our Piaggio Avanti.
When Kat and I stepped out of the plane, they both approached us with big smiles on their faces, and arms out wide – ready for hugs. Redford and Harrelson both tried to act nonchalant about seeing us again, but it was obvious we all enjoy the growing friendship between us. We happily obliged – with equally big smiles and open arms.
The flight back to Knoxville was filled with heart-felt smiles, jokes and stories; and the emotions ran from unbridled laughter, to tears, to excitement about the changes we have worked together on, to bring to the world.
I arranged for us to be picked up at the airport in a “Farmer’s Limo” (the interior was filled with hilarious farm-related doodads and gadgets). We laughed all the way to our home.
We talked until midnight, with no cameras or other guests. You could have heard a pin drop as each of us shared our outlook on a wide variety of topics. (We would love to have had a video made of that day, but the privacy we shared led to some deeply-enriching intimacy and honesty.)
We had Woody’s room filled with large, stuffed, barnyard animals and funny collectibles – so shortly after he entered his room, he came out laughing uncontrollably, then we all went into his room for a few minutes – until we finally had to leave to stop laughing.
We knew Robert loves horses, so his room was filled with horse memorabilia including small statues, large photos of horses in famous movies and funny positions, and poster-sized photos of his favorite horses (we got those from his stable manager, to surprise him).
In the morning we all met on the deck over our boathouse. As the sun started to peek over the horizon, we were each served with a bowl of our favorite fresh organic fruit and coffee/tea. It was a perfect morning.
[To my Texas friends: See – Niagara Falls is in Tennessee, not Texas. :-]
Shortly after breakfast, we stepped into the game room, where there were cameras and lights already set up. As we settled into the comfy faux-leather chairs, the film crew came in and introduced themselves to Robert and Woody.
Noel: “As I mentioned in my brief, this is an open discussion about any of the topics we all agreed on last week. Who would like to begin?”
Woody started laughing. (He has a funny bone that is easily tickled, and obviously loves making people laugh.)
After a brief smile, Robert’s face became serious and he looked at Kat and I.
Robert: “I’d like to begin. Noel. I deeply appreciated the opportunity to get to know you and Kathleen as I directed and co-produced your movie, “Horse Of A Different Color.” I felt honored that you chose me to direct it. What drove you and Kathleen to create so many incredible things for this world?”
Noel: “My whole life has gone in this direction, Robert. For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always looked at how things can be improved – from products and services, to business methods, education, political infrastructure, and socioeconomic systems. There were so many ways our world could be improved if we just had an easy way for people to find the information and people they needed to pursue their own dreams and goals.
Robert: “You’ve always done your best to keep out of the limelight, directing attention toward other people as the source of the excellence in your businesses. Why aren’t you President or CEO in any of them?”
Noel: “I’ve always done things differently, Robert. I don’t care about being recognized for anything we do, but would rather work silently and extensively behind the scenes of the businesses as a Servant Leader, to ensure everyone is performing at their best, and working toward the bigger picture of supporting humanity.”
Woody: “I love being in the limelight. You can probably tell by my acting in the show Cheers. Did you come up with all the ideas that your organization is based upon?”
Kat: “I’ll take this one. There are so many people out there with fantastic ideas, and passions for helping others – such as your own interests and efforts in waking people up to the realities of the deplorable state of our political and socioeconomic systems, Woody. So many people are struggling and suffering because they don’t know where to turn for help. We created a platform and catalyst which enables people to network with others in unique ways – along their common life-path dreams and goals. We simply came up with a simple way for people to design and follow a system aligned with their own passions; one that precisely feeds their hunger for knowledge, nourishes their heart-felt desires, and guides them through a system which networks with others in compatible areas.”
Woody: “That’s a tall order, Kat. What caused you to believe that you and Noel could do it?”
Kat: “That’s easy. We just let our spirits guide us. I’ve always believed 100% in Noel’s dreams and goals – in spite of the fact that they were so grandiose. I knew he had the skill-set and knowledge to bring these projects to life.”
Woody: “When did you two start working together on those projects?”
Kat: “We began brainstorming and writing together every day – starting almost immediately after we married. As you know, we married 26 days after our first date, and we didn’t even know we were both writers at the time. From that first date, we both just felt we belonged together. But it really took off and went public when Noel went through the MasterKey Mastermind course.”
Robert: “What’s the MasterKey Mastermind course?”
Noel: “A life-changing experience, Robert. Over the last 40 years I’ve been through many personal development programs and spiritual growth experiences, but the MasterKey program was the “icing on the cake.” The MasterKey course brought numerous critically-important issues to my awareness about things in my life that I struggled with since childhood. Most importantly, this course guided me through exercises which corrected the causes of those struggles.
One of our most treasured friends and business associates, Day Boswell, told us about this course, and has been a invaluable source of loving support through the years.
The MasterKey staff and guides provided exceptional personal support. My personal guide, Sarah Horne, helped me succeed in my MasterKey process.”
Woody: “Where are you going from here?”
Noel: “We just opened our 101st Life Centers community project in the US, and already have 500 worldwide. The donations for this project alone have recently surpassed one billion dollars per month, and the growth is increasing at an exponential rate. As more and more people realize they can trust our projects, our businesses and organizations continue to grow at record-breaking rates around the world.”
Kat: “To answer your question, Woody… We’ve begun taking time off for ourselves, and just fly around for business and Life Center openings. We’ve been workaholics on our projects for so many years, we’ve finally reached the point of wanting to simply enjoying the “fruits of our labors.”
With Kathleen’s last statement, the interview was closed with one of Woody’s favorite jokes. For the rest of the weekend, we simply enjoyed each other’s company.