Week 23: All the Secrets

ALL the secrets in communications
take place in the time between words
– whether thought, written, or spoken.
I propose that during the very short period of time between our words, our mind determines – in consideration of the meaning of the sentence:
  1. What is the best next word;
  2. How much pause is needed after the last word and before the next one;
  3. What tone of voice should the next word be in;
  4. What volume should the next word be in, and should it be constant for the whole word;
  5. And if we want to stomp our feet or motion with our hands, Subby takes care of our physical actions too.
So all of the above is taking place between EACH of our words.
The massive amount of thinking that must go on just to create a sentence shows us the miracles in our life.
If you think this isn’t the way it works, then either, 1) each entire sentence must be thought out as above, and compiled before the first word comes out… in the space between sentences… oh, my… another space of power; or 2) something else is manipulating everything we say and do, and we’re just avatars… or puppets.. like Lamb Chop (for those of you who enjoyed the Sheri Lewis show way back ).
In college, I remember thinking consciously for hours about what I was writing for class. Now it seems almost effortless, as I just let my fingers race over the keyboard. My Subby must be running most of my communications.
My 4 days of quiet start tomorrow – Tuesday. As a workaholic for most of my life, I am excited about giving myself this gift, and experiencing the benefits. I deeply appreciate all these Master Key blessings.
My wife is joining me on this quiet journey. Going grocery shopping today to prepare for hibernation.
Thank you for reading my blog.

3 thoughts on “Week 23: All the Secrets

  1. Ah you write about the true method of response versus reaction. If we truly did take these pauses perhaps our words would be more meaningful and less hurtful. Thank you for writing this. It is great pause for thought before speaking. I wish you much peace, quiet and insight during your days of silence.

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