Week 19: Hum Humpty Dumpty Dum

As our shell of concrete crumbles,
we continue to absorb what we can…
on our first pass through this course.
Love of self and life are indeed the path to our own golden Buddha within.
Oh, my. Another week flew by.
I’m sure many of us have wondered how the other MasterKey students are doing, and how we compare.
It’s nice that Mark & Davene are aware of what so many of us are going through.
This course is indeed a joy ride… a ride of deep joy, indeed.
Clearance of some of the baggage I’ve been carrying for many years, opened up a channel of inner-guided work, and I’ve been on a work roll for several weeks.
It’s enjoyable to see the personal growth that’s taking place in this course with so many others too.

(I picked the “Hum Humpty Dumpty Dump” blog title because it rhymes, and we ARE dumping concrete. Besides, I started it off with a meditation “Hum.” 🙂
Love to all.

8 thoughts on “Week 19: Hum Humpty Dumpty Dum

    1. Thank you Day. This certainly has been a wild, interesting, and extremely beneficial life-improving ride. (Did I say “bumpy?” I meant to put “bumpy” in there at least two or three times.) Love you too, dear friend.


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