Week 21: 1 Day or 5 Years?

I started this week writing a different post.
Then I found out one of our dearest friends has a rare cancer. For his privacy, I’ll call him Bob. If Bob goes through the typical operation and chemo that the doctors are pushing on him, the doctors tell him there’s a 70% chance he’ll make it 5 years with the surgery, but of course… a lot less without it.
Bob is in his early 30s, and in pretty good shape. But unfortunately, he has eaten horribly for many years. Lots of toxic and processed food with little concern of what it’s doing to his body. (Sound familiar?)
As my wife and I discussed the situation with our treasured friend, we knew it would be a challenge to get him to give up so many foods and drinks he enjoys. However, we thank God he is open to researching and doing anything alternative as his first and best options.
I’m not comfortable with some of this month’s Og Mandino reading, focused on Scroll V, “I will live each day as if it is my last.” I’ve read this “last day” concept in multiple places over the years, and always had some difficulty with the idea of living my life as if it was my last day. If it was my last day, I would just stop working on any of my life-purpose projects, and enjoy every moment with my wonderful wife, family and closest friends.
When I considered that my friend has been given about 5 years to live, I realized I had never scheduled my projects out. My jobs were constant productivity; and I had no scheduling because I was constantly juggling multiple projects at a time. I just worked as fast and as good as I could.
I felt that for myself, the “live each day as if it is my last” is too short of a time, but if I had 5 years to live, I would focus my energy on things quite differently than I have been.
1 Day or 5 Years?
I’ve come to believe that for me – 1 day is not enough time, and 5 years is plenty of time if I slip in some personal growth stuff and fun for my wife and I.
It seems to me that a good scheduling idea for a DMP or life purpose project(s), is to determine how long it will take to do the project(s), then add in your estimate how much time is needed for personal appreciation of self, family and life. As Mark J. mentioned in this MasterKey course, it is critically important to schedule time off for our relationship each week.
On a personal note; we’re so thankful for the life-changing things that are happening in my life with this MasterKey course, and it’s wonderful to be able to share it with people in need… like Bob.
Thoughts create our reality.
What do you want YOUR world to look like?

10 thoughts on “Week 21: 1 Day or 5 Years?

  1. It is amazing how dealing with our mortality really gives us some perspective on what is important. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend and your family as you all process this information.


  2. Our own mortality is not something we usually bother to think about much. And it’s sad that it takes a friend’s dire predicament to make us do so. But if even 100 years is just a speck in the dust storm of 150,000 years past and eons ahead, the best we can do is use whatever time we have to do good. Only then are our lives not mere specks! Fortunately your friend has you!


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