Week 20: What Am I Here For?

Ever walk into a room,
then ask yourself,
What am I here for?
As I read the abstract and a little more from the writer’s listed sources, my thoughts connected to the title, “Location Updating Effect and Imagination.”
The abstract begins with, “Researchers have documented an intriguing phenomenon whereby simply walking through a doorway causes forgetting (the location updating effect). The abstract went on to discuss how they compared ACTUAL walking through the door, to VIRTUAL/VISUAL walking through the door, and the results were surprisingly similar.
I’ll bet most of that time researching and writing could have been saved had they taken the MasterKey course, or at least fully understood the Law of Substitution (“We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. When a negative thought enters your mind ~ think about God, or a fond memory, or another pleasant thought.”).
Now let’s remember the main issue of this blog,
which asks the question, “Where Am I?
Regarding the “forgetting” issue:
Consider this – When we pass through a doorway, we are changing from one environment to one entirely different – even if it’s just going from our kitchen to our living area. Our senses all shift when we enter the new room, and perhaps we scramble a bit on some level with getting our bearings.
This is where it gets interesting. If the person is heading into the next room with a thought in their head of what they are going there for, perhaps the slight mental “scramble” when entering a new room, got left with the old room you came from.
Just thinkin’…

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