Week 24: Shooting Stars

As I face the final week of this 26-week wakeup call, Subby quickly reminds me of any one of a number of life-changing moments I’ve gained these last six months.
The 4 days of silence was wonderful; pondering our life, being much more aware of our thoughts, and listening to our inner guidance.
In the 80’s and 90’s, I went through a number of healing energy treatments, and personal development experiences. In particular, one named New Life Seminars improved my life in so many eye-opening ways.
Yet until this Master Key course, I didn’t realize that two of the greatest “secrets” to life have been right in front of my face. Learning how to manage my conscious/subconscious mind has dramatically improved my life; and “Love” does indeed seem to be the answer for all four of our greatest questions:
  1. What is our source of spirit?
  2. What is the reason for our existence?
  3. What makes living worth living?
  4. What is worth dying for?
Learning how to love ourselves and build our dreams and goals through our thoughts has been the most incredible, life-improving journey I’ve ever been on.
It was quite challenging at times, but the results were well worth the effort.
Mark and Davene have done a great job of bringing all this exceptional information into one course. They have created an assembly-line for Shooting Stars, who shine their love brightly on all who wish upon a star.
So what’s your dream?

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