Week 22a: The “C” Words

Wk 22a - Cell Phone thermal heating
On occasion I am disturbed when I see someone with a cell phone up to their head, or about to unknowingly swallow poison which has been proven to severely damage the brain and body (most importantly the hypothalamus, an extremely important part of the brain). I feel deeply compassionate that this person either doesn’t know the danger, or at some conscious or subconscious level may not care to live anymore.
“One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is to link the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland.” Read more at Wikipedia…
Wk 22a - Cell Phone strapped to mans head-Cropped
At the beginning of the week, I found out that one of my close friends in Texas (“Tom” for this article) was just diagnosed with brain cancer. The cancer is quite large, and located around Tom’s ear. There’s no immediate alternative options for him at this point – only considerable conventional brain surgery.
My wife and I have mentioned to him the dangers of holding the cell phone next to his head, and sent him articles. Tom doesn’t like ear plugs, or bulk of the headset, although Tom is on the phone quite a bit every day.
His situation is my WAKE UP call about the preciousness of life. (I certainly know, but things like this are a strong reminder.) It was also a sore spot for me; I’m 65, and watching family and friends dye of this inexcusable, greed-oriented illness. In America, too many people still believe they have no choice but to get conventional surgery and chemotherapy – an option most would avoid like the plague if they knew the facts.
After learning more shocking news about his condition from a mutual friend, Wednesday I went down and had my car oil changed. At Acura, there were two ladies in their 50s & 60s in the waiting area. I got some coffee and saw the Splenda, Equal and Sweet n’ Low packets and it disturbed me that an excellent dealership which invests a huge sum of money to ensure customers are satisfied and treated well, puts highly toxic ingredients out for their “cared for” customers.
Wk 22a - Artificial Sweeteners
I asked the ladies if they were aware of the toxicity of these. One was very disturbed that her daughter drank so many diet sodas and wouldn’t listen to her warnings, and the other had no clue about these artificial sweeteners. So I explained what these toxic products do to the body, and by that point I had broken my Master Key 7 Day Mental Diet again.
Then I went to the office and voiced my “opinion” that they are offering poisonous sweeteners which severely damage the body – especially the brain’s ability to function properly.
The clerk responded with, “We are required by the company to provide 4 options (sugar was the 4th).” To which I responded something like, “Please let your management and owner know that your health-conscious customers will know you are providing these toxic sweeteners rather than natural, organic choices like Xylitol, Sugar-in-the-Raw, Stevia liquid, Stevia power, or raw honey.”
(I wasn’t about to add the fact that the coffee was made with the Keurig machine, which puts hot water pressure through blah non-organic coffee AND cheap plastic. Under a condition of desperation for coffee, the non-organic coffee issue is debatable, but boiling water over cheap plastic… not acceptable as a healthy option in our book.)
As I briefly mentioned the toxin issues, you could have heard a pin drop. I let them see my disappointment that the company chooses to contribute to the sickness of their “valued customers” with these condiments. I then used the Law of Substitution to switch to appreciation for the nice staff I always meet there, and how much I like the people in Tennessee.
How many people does it take to convince a business or an individual of the damage that’s being done to their mind and body. I’m thinking since everyone is different, we don’t know how many people it will take to hit the person with the facts – before they realize it’s the truth and accept them, so I’ll just keep doing my part and plant or water the little seeds of “WAKE UP CALL!!” On occasion I get the awesome pleasure of being the one who watches the person actually accept the seed of information as valuable, and I can feel my information being accepted… cool… cha ching…
In consideration of my friend’s cancer, I’m sure my feelings were heightened with awareness of how common it is for totally unnecessary ingredients or characteristics in products to severely damage the body, yet they continue to be produced. The “C” word is something people usually feel helpless with, yet the reality is that way too many people still look to conventional doctors who are heavily trained by the drug companies to dole out medicine like band-aids – covering up the symptoms rather than healing the body.
And then the next day, Thursday, I had new tires put on at Discount Tire. I sat next to a lady who within a few minutes, was telling me that for some reason she is unaware of, she has a hard time getting things accomplished, and has a low opinion of herself. (I’ve found that being loving to strangers often brings out an incredible heart-felt honesty from them.)
I told her briefly about the 7 Days to a New You exercise, the 7 Laws of the Mind, pointed out a few of the laws, and later emailed those documents to her.
You could say those were acts of kindness, but I believe they are simply the way we all can most enjoy our lives.
Thanks for viewing my blog.
Oh… For those of you who may be wondering which tires I chose; after comparing tires closely, the PZero Nero AS stood out as being the best, for $142). I replaced Michelin MX Pilots which were $262, and in my opinion, one of the worst tires I’ve ever had (they came with the car).

2 thoughts on “Week 22a: The “C” Words

  1. Noel, it sounds like you have had a tough few weeks with friends being diagnosed. I know from experience how our awareness of things becomes heightened. My heart goes out to you, your wife, and your friends. Your love and kindness for your friends and strangers is very obvious. The lady sitting next to you at the tire place was very lucky that day to have met you!


    1. Thank you Amanda. If we can’t openly express love of some type almost everywhere we go, those opportunities to uplift ourselves and others become completely-unseen losses of one of the greatest treasures of life… giving.


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