Week 18: Selling My Uniqueness

Interesting how we try to emulate other people’s sales techniques.
We’ll spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on training, and read lots of sales books, yet we may learn something that only works for certain others – not necessarily for us.
We can become great ourselves, if we practice what we learn… over and over and over in ways that fit who we are.
Oh, my, “…in ways that fit who we are.” That’s the key…
Our uniqueness.
“…many have attained great wealth and success with only one sales talk, delivered with excellence. Also will I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.”
~Og Mandino, SCROLL IV in “The Greatest Salesman in the World”
We all have our own way of networking with others, our own way of thinking, our repertoire of wisdom we’ve learned through life up to this point.
In looking back on my life, I’ve realized I have never presented my uniqueness when looking for a job, or when doing anything else for that matter.
And what’s particularly interesting, is that for most of my life, I’ve lived outside the box in the way I think and write about unique, and highly interesting business projects.
I worked on myself for years on the sugar, but never thought of marketing my uniqueness.
For the last week I’ve been visualizing and writing on things like speaking to large and small groups about my life-purpose dreams and goals, and it feels great. This uniqueness that I am.
Things are indeed coming together beautifully.
Thank you for reading my blog.

Week 17a: Blogs and Articles

These last several weeks, I’ve had a little challenge getting these weekly blogs out. Not that I can’t think of what to write, but rather quite the opposite. This course is indeed life-changing.
As a life-time technical writer, it’s clearly not that I don’t like writing. (Until this course, I had never officially “blogged.”) The challenge is that I begin a blog, which turns into an article, or another document for our training course. I’m not ready to begin posting blogs for our business yet. I’ve been saving them up over the years. (Besides, I have tons of stuff to blog about from our own training materials.)
So I often need to write another blog to replace the one that became a future article. LOL…
Last Monday I started this week’s blog and named it, Respect My Space, then started another – Diamonds of Life, then I Am Too Busy, each of which will be a future article/blog for our business. It’s 4:34am on Saturday. I need to get this posted by 5am.
What’s amazing, yet common for those of us who are at least somewhat “awakened” to the realities of life (the energy, rather than the physical), is how beautifully life flows when we understand how it works.
Thanks again for all you do, Mark & Davene.

Week 17: The Point Game

Recently the MasterKey group has been focused on the importance of kindness. Its importance in our life cannot be overstated.
I can think of another such powerful word – Appreciation.
The more we appreciate our blessings, the people around us, and this beautiful spiritual support system we have, the more incredible our life becomes.
Let’s play a little game which is known for improving relationships very quickly. We present this to Trainees in our training program.
The Point Game
Select someone to play this game with.
DISCLAIMER: Please think carefully before playing this game with someone you don’t want to have a closer relationship with.
Purpose of the game:
Strengthening relationships through kindness and appreciation.
Cool. How does it work?
Simple. This game is played between two or more consenting adults and/or children.
Keeping Score:
Start fresh daily, or for a set number of days.
When you do something kind for someone else in the game, you get 1 Point.
When someone does something kind for you, they get 1 Point.
The giver MUST be sincere in their act of kindness, and give unconditionally – without expectation. If not sincere, no point is earned.
Sex should not be the desired outcome of any giving. (In other words, no groping or trying to manipulate the other person to do something they aren’t in complete agreement for doing.)
Make up whatever additional rules you BOTH agree upon.
Game Objective:
At the end of the day, the person with the most points gets to ask the other person to do something (non sexual). If kids are involved, the reward for highest points could be the family gets to make cookies, or go somewhere.
After several days, the game will fade into the background, and your relationship(s) will grow by leaps and bounds.
Okay. You’re ready to play, right?
To ensure clarity, here are a few examples in a husband/wife/kids situation. Don’t bother keeping track of the points, you’ll get the general idea of this:
  • The Husband makes coffee and pours a cup for wife when she comes into the kitchen – he gets 1 point.
  • The Wife thanks him with a loving hug – she gets 1 point.
  • The Wife cooks breakfast – 1 point.
  • Husband gives her a loving hug while she is cooking, smells the air and says something like, “Smells great, sweetheart.” – 1 point
  • Kids bring food to table – 1 point each.
  • Kids clear dishes from table and clean it – 1 point each.
  • Husband and wife clean & dry dishes together – Each gets 1 point.
  • Both kids put dishes away – Each gets 1 point.
  • So far, the “game” is even.
  • Later in the day, the husband comes home from work with new car for wife – 1 point. (“WHAT?” You say.)
  • BECAUSE – While the husband was working, the wife took care of home, shopping, kids, neighborhood stuff, cleaned house and laundry, perhaps some work on taxes, did some home-based business work, and every day prepared food for the family… ALL… for 1 point.
SO, the idea is to keep the points fairly even. Sometimes the compliments, comments of appreciation, etc. can reach the exaggerated stage where everyone starts laughing.
Expect miracles in your relationship when playing this game.
You’re going to LOVE this.

Week 16: I’ll Be Happy With MORE

In this week’s lesson, Haanel states, “Wealth is a product of labor. Capital is an effect, not a cause; a servant, not a master; a means, not an end. … When we consider the small addition made by wealth to the happiness of the possessor, we find that the true value consists not in its utility but in its exchange.”

Everywhere we look, we see people who are on the edge of psychosis in their pursuit of more and more wealth – often a life-long push which is actually a detriment to themselves and their family.

As wealth is accumulated, and goods are purchased in a desire for happiness, as Hannel points out, “…the true value consists not in its utility but in its exchange.”

So… That garage and attic full of stuff – about 90% you’ll probably never use again, is not only a huge waste of money you spent on those things you NEEDED, but it now causes your very expensive vehicle(s) to sit outside in the weather.
When people shop, the actual exchange is such a feel-good, that it even overrides our logic that we’re digging a financial hole. Once that item is purchased, the good feeling quickly goes away, and we again re-focus on our pursuit of more wealth.

A close friend of mine is paying a LOT of his hard-earned money in credit card interest for things he now admits he really didn’t need, yet his bad habit of buying to feel good with exchange of money for more stuff, is stealing his financial freedom, and creating a fear within of having so much debt. The habit is so strong, that in spite of his recent receipt of enough money to pay off most of his debt, he is considering putting the money into “investments” which pay almost nothing rather than paying down his debt. This is because of his fear that if his credit cards were paid off (which he has done before), he would start charging things again.

I suggested this friend use the NARC method to attach a negative feeling to charging things on his card. We’ll see if he practices that method, because those of us aware of the teachings we’ve been getting in this course know he will inevitably change if he does.
Once that bad habit is changed to a good one, perhaps my friend can put something in his garage that makes sense.

Yes. I’ll be happy with more…
more ability to exchange wealth for items which enrich us
instead of rusting in the garage.
Life certainly is interesting.

Week 15: Life Changing Indeed

Our Week 15 Lesson and Scroll IV are filled with things to blog about, yet I found their inspirations put me on a work binge on personal projects. Here it is late Friday afternoon, and I need to write something tonight – and I go to bed no later than about 8pm, getting up at about 3am.

Fascinating course we’re going through. It has inspired me to write some great blogs for my business, but I’m not quite ready to re-launch it, so am holding back the blogs to use later in articles.

As you can see by my previous blogs, I do enjoy writing blogs, but lining up the graphics and my nit-picky spacing issues can be very time-consuming.

Think I’ll skip a graphic in this one. Keep it simple, and get back to work.

[Funny. Right after I wrote that previous sentence, I instead actually wrote a complete blog, a beginning of my story of “What It Takes” to build your dreams. I wrote about the path, but didn’t get past the first 5 years, so am going to write that one in full later for our business.]

We should have been taught about the 7 Laws of the Mind, and Watchman at the Gate, 7-Day Mental Diet, etc. when we were growing up.

Anyway. I wish you the best in this course, and look forward to what is ahead.

Mark and Davene deserve a huge thanks for all they do.

This course is indeed life changing.

Week 14: Peace Be The Journey


“Peace Be The Journey”
This is a very funny and inspirational movie about having a dream, and then passionately pursuing a path to that dream.
Do YOUR dreams and goals ring true to your heart?
You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that the majority of people who work for others hate their jobs (or are at least unhappy). And if you own your own business, you’re probably not earning nearly as much as you thought you would.
Creating the life of your dreams is actually a matter of clarifying how you want your life to be (which is awesome fun to do), then creating your own personal path to get there. Your path – your journey – needs to be one that’s exciting to you and your family, and one that brings you bliss by following your heart’s innermost desires.
Peace Be YOUR Journey.
Life is about believing in and following your true self…
What YOUR life is all about.
Cool Runnings is filled with excellent examples of what it takes to put into action the lessons in the MasterKey course. This is an inspiration to us all of what we too can accomplish in our lives, on our own journey.
In week 10 of the MasterKey course, Mark and Davene talk about 4 “tiny” habits which are essential for success in all walks of life. These following four habits are expressed in “Cool Runnings”:
  1. Definite Purpose backed by a Burning Desire
  2. Definite Plan expressed in Continuous Action
  3. Mind Closed tightly To All Negative Thought
  4. Master Mind Alliance
Cool Runnings is based on a true story about a group of Jamaicans who train to be Jamaica representatives for an Olympic Bobsled Team in 1988.
Early in the movie, Leon (played by Derice Bannock), a contender for the Jamaican Olympic Track Team, trips during a qualifying run – losing his opportunity to be on the team. However, Leon wants desperately to be in the Olympics… and he’ll do ANYTHING. He uncovers the fact that there has never been a bobsled team from Jamaica, and creates this goal as his Definite Purpose backed by a Burning Desire – setting the stage for the movie.
Leon begins with a vision of being part of the first Jamaican Bobsled Team in the Olympics. What seemed like a crazy idea to others, began by contacting Irv Blitzer (played by John Candy), an ex-bobsled professional. A Definite Plan expressed in Continuous Action unfolds as they bring a team together and begin training – at first in a bathtub.
In spite of a lot of negative comments made by family and “friends,” Leon and his team keep incredibly positive attitudes by keeping their Minds Closed tightly To All Negative Thought.
Through lots of hilarious practice, practice, practice, the team pulls together.
Leon’s contagious attitude spreads to his mates, who catch his enthusiasm. As they practice their skills, the Master Mind Alliance formed by the group overcomes all obstacles.
In the movie, each character develops the same four habits, which impassion them to become the first Jamaican Olympic Bobsled team.




Week 13: Defend YOURSELF, Bulldog

This week’s Monday morning call with my Accountability Partner, Deb Schnitzer, was eye opening for me. Deb has been one of my most treasured friends for 20 years.
A few weeks ago some heavy cement came off this old Buddha. As a result, these last few weeks I’ve been most resting, and having wonderful connections with my awesome wife of 17 years – while slipping a little on my MasterKey work… not keeping my promises to myself. I’ve always done my best to keep promises to others, but I’ve had a struggle keeping promises to myself.
Deb pointed out that I am like a bulldog when it comes to caring about, supporting and defending my friends – and even strangers,
but I’m gentle and easy-going when it comes to myself. She said if she needed me, I’d crawl over broken glass to get to her and help.
Deb asked me to start putting that same bulldog attitude toward myself.
It feels great!
Thanks Deb!